MNPL Contributions

What about the IAMAW Machinists Non-partisan Political League? Why 2 MNPL’s?

The Florida State Council MNPL (Florida State Council of Machinists Political Committee) is registered with the State of Florida Department of State. The Florida M.N.P.L. is limited to activity with State of Florida Offices, State Legislature and County or Local offices. The Florida M.N.P.L political committee cannot contribute to US House, US Senate or Presidential candidates.

The IAMAW Grand Lodge MNPL can support candidates for Federal Offices of the House & Senate, but are limited in contributing to the Florida State or Local candidates.

It is imperative that union members support union friendly candidates in ALL Levels of public office; Federal, State, & Local.

Support Labor friendly candidates that will fight for the rights organized labor, working families, and the pay and benefits that we rightfully earn.

Nearly 100% of Your Contributions to the Florida State Council MNPL Committee goes to Union Approved Candidates.

*The Chairman, Vice Chair and Treasurer are all voluntary, elected positions held by IAMAW members.

*The Committee has no paid staff, and no personal expenses such as travel.

*The only expenses of the committee are overhead such as Fees paid for online donations and annual bare bones website costs. (You can see this website is as bare as bones can be).

* All Contributions and Expenditures are Florida public record per law.

*Contrary to False Publicity, Your Union Dues Do Not Go To Politicians.

Support The People Who Support You, Your Wages & Benefits, And Working Families;

Donate Today!

Contributions to the Florida M.N.P.L.

The mission to keep the hard fought Rights of Union Labor needs YOUR Help!

YOUR Help is needed to Safeguard Union Pay, Benefits, & Employee Rights, and to support Working Families in Florida.

Please Contribute what you can. The online donations have credit card fees and other fees associated so the minimum online donation request is $10.

You will be asked for Occupation & Employer info, feel free to add your Local Lodge Number on either line.

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Contributions are Not Deductible as Charitable Contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.

You can avoid fees with a donation by check, request address of treasurer at: